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S.MED Customs Agency offers comprehensive cooperation in the field of Community trade (intrastat) and trade in goods with third countries (standard clearance).

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Warszawa, Piaseczno


Intrastat clearances
These are intra-EU deliveries of goods that are cleared in the Intrastat system created for statistical purposes. It is a statistical system that informs through the Intrastat declaration – Imports and the Intrastat declaration – Exports about the state of intra-EU transactions. The economic entity, after exceeding the appropriate threshold, is obliged to provide the above-mentioned information to the customs chamber in Szczecin.
Road customs clearances
It is a customs clearance which, in road transport, carries out all points of customs proceedings related to the clearance of goods and their admission to trading.
Flight clearances
It is the presentation of goods in air transport to customs, which results in the submission of a customs declaration by the company or agencies, aimed at placing the goods under a specific customs procedure and release for free circulation.
Postal clearances
After receiving a “notification” from the postal operator containing the necessary information regarding customs clearance, the customer submits the notification together with the package of documents needed for clearance to the customs agency, which releases the package for trading and passes the package to the customer via the Polish Post.
Sea clearance
It is a customs clearance carried out by a customs agency on goods transported by ship to a specific port that is also the state border. The procedures for customs clearance are similar to those for standard clearance.
Consulting and advisory services
As part of constant consultation and customs advice, we prepare translations of customs regulations and procedures related to the clearance of goods and admission to trading. We help with the pricing of goods, we explain what documents are used to determine the origin of the goods, e.g. EUR1, ATR, and prepare applications depending on the needs of customers.


  • We are committed to preparing briefings as soon as possible. We present a comprehensive guarantee in the procedure of admitting to trading.
  • We offer service prices, which are determined through individual negotiations.
  • We have a staff of experienced both substantively and practically employees, with work experience gained in many reputable forwarding companies and customs agencies.
  • We offer you fast and efficient service characterized by substantive preparation of documents, immediate release of goods after check-in, sending intrastate in electronic form on the PUESC platform, customs clearance at the locations where the simplified S.MED Customs Agency is carried out.


The SMED Agency conducts constant cooperation with the Point of View warehouse network. Through a wide selection of check-in points, we enable the improvement of the check-in process and individual adaptation to your company's needs.


ul. Julianowska 37, 05-500 Piaseczno

The total area is 9 200.00 m2


ul. Kawęczyn 76, 05-520 Kawęczyn

The total area is 18 000.00 m2

Góra Kalwaria

ul. Towarowa 1C, 05-530 Góra Kalwaria

The total area is 18 890.00 m2


ul. Jeziora 2, 05-652 Pniewy

The total area is 14 500.00 m2


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    The basic scope of activity of the SMED Customs Agency is the provision of comprehensive services for companies that trade goods with foreign countries. We are an effective and well-coordinated team that focuses on development and professionalism. Our advantage is the experience and many years of presence in the market of services of customs agencies and shipping companies. Using the experience of cooperation with customs offices and other companies, we implement the image of a modern company that provides professional services to its clients.